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War is being waged in more than forty countries in the world. The media give us daily on-the-spot reports from war zones. Over ten million children suffer physically and mentally from the consequences of war. This incomprehensible number alone calls for our immediate action, our spontaneous help.

Against the background of the indescribable distress of the children in the Balkan war, and to break through one's own crippling helplessness, the "Aktion Kleiner Prinz" was founded in 1993 to give immediate international aid to children in need as victims of war, violence, persecution, and disaster. Irrespective of the nation, the religion, skin colour, or philosophy of life, we have offered since 1993, on a voluntary basis, practical and financial aid.

The charity Aktion Kleiner Prinz, International Help for Children in Need (registered charity) is a non-profit making organisation in Warendorf, near Münster, which looks after children in need all over the world. We work on a voluntary basis with administrative expenses which since the foundation are at an average of less than 5 %. We have been awarded the DZI donation seal.

We generally work together with reliable organisations and we regret that we are not able to help in individual cases of need. Here you can find our principles of sponsoring.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's family supports our charity by authorising us to carry the 'Little Prince' ('Kleiner Prinz') in our name.

Since the foundation the number of members has increased up to more than 500.

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